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Anger & Conflict In The Workplace

Risky Business

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Angry Men: Managing Anger in an Unforgiving World (Impact Publications, 2003) provides an extreme antidote for a volatile emotion too prevalent in our workplace and our homes. Filled with a rich collection of real-life situations involving:
  • Jealousy
  • Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Power
You can put a stop to people who try to control you through their anger--and learn how to do a better job of controlling your own.

Whether you’re a manager, law enforcement officer, in the military, or simply in a relationship, you’ll learn seven ways others try to “get” you by using anger and you’ll discover seven skills to help manage your own anger, as well as theirs.

This provocative book shares powerful, personal scenarios including angry, drunk soldiers with a prostitute, angry police dealing with bikers, an angry father raging at his pregnant teenage daughter, and a powerful situation involving loss.

With a foreword written by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman, renowned expert on human aggression and author of On Killing and Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill, this is a book you’ll want to read.

You don’t have to take it anymore!
Angry Women: Stop Letting Anger Control Your Life! (Impact Publications, 2003)
will help you discover the seven ways others try to control you with their anger. You’ll also see how to reclaim your life free from jealousy, domestic violence, anorexia, child abuse, and other chains anger can put on you.

This powerful book provides a rich collection of real-life stories and revealing self-discovery exercises. It provides seven practical skills you can use to keep other people’s anger from running your life. These skills will also help you understand--and manage-- your own anger.

With a foreword written by Dr. Judith Reisman, world-renowned researcher on child abuse and domestic violence, this book will free every woman who reads it.

Take back control of your life!
You don’t have to take it anymore—letting anger hurt your self-image, narrow your choices, limit your career, and destroy your family. You can stop letting anger lead you into depression, eating disorders, and destructive relationships.

Cover: Anger and Conflict in the Workplace Available in bookstores:
Anger & Conflict in the Workplace: Spot the Signs, Avoid the Trauma (Impact Publications, 2000).

  • Describes eight anger-styles that are common -- but inappropriate -- at work
  • Gives you skills to manage your own anger
  • Give you skills to manage others' anger towards you
  • Shows how your own behavior can prevent others from using the eight inappropriate anger-styles -- whether you're a co-worker, manager, or employee
Available in bookstores:
Cover: Risky Business Risky Business: Managing Employee Violence in the Workplace (The Haworth Press) features the application of Dr. McClure's unique early-intervention methods to the prevention of employee violence.

The book shows managers how to:

  • Identify the risk before any violence occurs
  • Intervene early
  • Address organizational norms that increase the risk
  • Create a more preventive and productive workplace

You can buy Risky Business: Managing Employee Violence in the Workplace (The Haworth Press) online from Amazon.com, or Chapters.ca.

Managing High-Risk Behaviors (Impact Publications, 2003)
Nationally-recognized expert on anger and violence-prevention presents her popular seminar on how to identify and manage high-risk behaviors. Discover how to best identify such behaviors in employees, applicants, trainees, ex-offenders, or people in rehab -- before they become violent. Shows what you can do now to help them manage their feelings and behavior, lower the risk of violence, and be more effective and successful at work. The perfect video for anyone working with high-risk behaviors.

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