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Anger & Conflict In The Workplace

Risky Business

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Violence and Harassment in the Workplace:
How Great Is The Risk In Your Company?

Lynne McClure, Ph.D.
McClure Associates, Inc.

All companies are at risk of violence and harassment, but the risk is greater for some than for others. For each statement, check the response that describes your company, to see how high the risk is

1. Most employees openly discuss and resolve work situations which have caused them to feel angry.
2. Technical specialists get input from co-workers, customers, and others whom their work impacts.
3. Work performance and appropriate behaviors are the real criteria that lead to rewards.
4. Most managers genuinely ask for employees' input, and they use the input in positive ways.
5. Most managers are good role-models for adapting to change.
6. No one is required to work more than 40 hours per week.
7. Most managers notice, and address, changes in the ways employees act.
8. Managers consistently address and document performance and/or behavior problems on the part of employees.
9. Your firm requires training in violence-prevention and harassment-prevention.
10. There's never been a violent incident at work.
11. No harassment takes place where I work.
12. Your company has and enforces violence-prevention and harassment-prevention policies.
© Copyright, 1999, 2003, Lynne McClure, Ph.D.

Give yourself one point for every statement you marked "false." Then check below to see how high the risk is in your firm.
0 Congratulations! Your company is not likely to have incidents of violence or harassment.
1-2 The risk is still low, but the one or two items you checked could increase it quickly.
3-5 Risks are increasing daily. Here's hoping that those in charge notice and take action.
6-8 The risks are great enough to find ways to protect yourself.
9-12 Your company is at risk of fatalities, lawsuits, or both

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© Copyright, 1999, 2003, Lynne McClure, Ph.D.